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Sai-no-Kawara walk course

From everywhere in garden Onsen! Walk is also otsu with yukata look. .

Onsen Town-centered Yubatake is symbol of Kusatsu Onsen. Onsen of 4,000 liters a minute springs out and always kicks up steam. The Yubatake outskirts become park which can enjoy bath towel walk.

It is Sainokawara-dori St. through the side of Hotel Ichii. Here is lined with Japanese-style inns, and there is flavor.

A 3-minute walk

Sainokawara-dori St.
Steamed bun person, souvenir person, restaurant is main street of array on both sides. Various things make undecisiveness, and can they not walk straight?

A 10-minute walk

Kusatsu Kataoka Tsurutaro Museum
He/she knows, and work of Tsurutaro Kataoka is displayed in various ways. We enter, and it becomes to blow, and there is direct guga in open feeling. We take a short break in cafe after visit was over. 30 minutes pass immediately when fascinated by goods.


Sai-no-Kawara park entrance
Usually arrive from Yubatake in approximately ten minutes, the right hand ahead earth wall of crane Taro Museum. When time comes to space of front of it, azalea blooms and is beautiful. ; when pay more attention to the top a little, cherry blossoms peep out from garden of Kusatsu hotel.


Hole guardian deity company
Some torii spreading out is impressive. Red torii shines in snowy innocence more in winter.


berutsu sukuriba both doctors bust
There is toward the line left hand top. We overlook if we see only riverbank of hot water (laugh)


Kusatsu Visitor Center
Place that is good for natural study of Kusatsu. We serve as break, and how is visit leisurely? Visit of approximately 20 minutes.

Sai-no-Kawara Open-Air Bath
Please be keenly aware of magnificent nature while soaking in maximum outdoor bath in Kusatsu. We take a bath here for approximately 20 minutes.
※May 30, 2015 reopening

We climb slope of the right hand than open-air bath entrance. As, on rainy day, is easy to glide; being careful.


Sumo wrestling hall of ogre
In arbor leisurely. Place where movie picked up sound of "1,000 and Chihiro ...." That the staff was attracted by "tongue tongue" of harpoon green frog and voice to call. You can see skunk cabbage and azalea in spring. ezoharuzemi calls in early summer.