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Yubatake walk course

Let's enjoy Kusatsu while wandering around the center of town!
Route map is this.

Kusatsu bus terminal
We arrive here by all means when we use public institution. It is at departure Station of all the patrol buses in the town block the Karuizawa area, the Naganohara area, the Mt. Shirane area from this BT.

Kusatsu Onsen library
November, 2015 OPEN!
At slight time to wait for bus, to check History of Kusatsu
The third floor of the bus terminal. Rate for free
(^o^)/ which was founded as oasis attached to library and museum

Across signal in front; and downhill slope. Walk aimlessly while seeing steamed bun shop and souvenir shop on both sides; and stone

A 5-minute walk

guru tto goes around Yubatake
There that finishes going down slope, and opened out is symbol Yubatake of Kusatsu. Be careful not to fall down as there are many steps in the circumference. .

We will take a walk to the line right hand, counterclockwise direction


General Yashiro of drawing hot water frame
General Yashiro Yoshimune that let you carry taking hot water in frame here into account until the Edo era. By memory of the 100th anniversary of the town organization of "drawing performed the matter".


Hot water gutter
Gutter of tree that zurazura - tto formed a line on the left. Gutter of tree precipitating flowers of sulphur. "Flowers of sulphur" of souvenir are produced later.


Foot Bath which only foot can soak in casually. Conversation bounds with person not to know all too soon; harmoniousness. Is it karmic results that bare foot comes in contact?


Hot water waterfall
Is it impression to hot water waterfall falling towards oneself? Green thing which rock has is algae called "ideyukogome". Rare primitive algae which strong acid-related place likes. After all is souvenir picture which "came to Kusatsu" here?


Garden lantern of hot water waterfall, hot water waterfall
Garden lantern that night-light toshitecha - nto functioned in old days. It is mason with presence by now normal light up and special light up to be carried out in March. It is shooting spot plenty.

Besides, 100 people who visited Kusatsu are chopped on pillar of stone surrounding Yubatake. When you look at what kind of person there is?


General Yashiro of drawing monument
Monument which we wrote down reason of General Yashiro Yoshimune bathing.


We observe "Yumomi and dance" of Netsunoyu
It is this that show of Yumomi is seen to Kusatsu-bushi. There is Yumomi at one show twice! In the customer experience corner! Time required approximately 25 minutes.
※“ April 29, 2015 reopening!

Semicircle returns and passes according to the right hand, and both sides are lined with Japanese-style hotel

A 7-minute walk

It is bathing facility which can experience bathing law "laying upon bath" which is submerged under different Onsen of yuon. There are Other, large communal bath, open-air bath, chartered bath (we need additional charge), too.

A 5-minute walk

Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland
In dome using heat of Onsen, it is right the tropical zone. It will be the tropical animals and plants in the tropical zone! Temporary exhibition is ant during period in summer vacation, too. The time required is one hour.

A 12-minute walk

We walk place that we missed and place to want to see once again aimlessly, and let's come back.