Take cousin Kusatsu; and choina!

In one, Kusatsu Onsen of three Japanese springs, blessings of nature are full!
We can enjoy seasonal scenery and flower as well as Onsen of the best natural gush quantity in Japan.
We want you to find Kusatsu Onsen that everybody does not know still more!
We began this plan with such a feeling.
Do we not send Kusatsu Onsen not to know to the world, too?

We look forward to contribution of everybody!

Contribution method

※Please be careful until now as contribution method changes with (... 2018/12/11).

※After checking Terms of Use, please participate by all means.

  1. step01

    We go to Kusatsu.

    You come with smartphone and camera, and please write.

  2. step01

    Take a picture.

    Please put charm of Kusatsu in photograph.

  3. step01


    You attach @ tag to amateur pix and do Kusatsu Onsen formula account "kusatsu_onsen_official" and touch hashtag "#932photo", and please post.

    @We add tag charge account, hashtag "# 932photo" to photograph and post tag "kusatsu_onsen_official"

    But, attached contribution is published in photograph of all.

    kusatsu_onsen_official We copy hashtag
  • ※One that had you agree to Terms of Use
  • ※One that sends charm of Kusatsu Onsen to home and abroad
  • ※As it is said that we have you agree to the following Terms of Use at the time of contribution, contribution contents are sent for home and abroad by official account of Kusatsu Onsen Sightseeing Association.
    When own photograph and comment that he/she took must not be quoted, we hope that we do not attach "#932photo" and hashtag.

Terms of Use
The Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) is hosting the “Totte Choina! You have you read the following well, and please post one (the following, "contributor") to post on this after agreement.
We attach @ tag and do Kusatsu Onsen formula account "kusatsu_onsen_official" in contribution and consider to have agreed to these terms when we touch hashtag "#932photo", and is posted.
If you do not agree to these terms, please cancel your post.

Have @ tag and do Kusatsu Onsen formula account "kusatsu_onsen_official", and you touch hashtag "#932photo", and please post on photograph, video (called "contribution data" as follows) which you photographed in photograph, video (called "contribution data" as follows) which you photographed.
If anyone appears with the Contributor in any Post Data, please obtain the permission of that person before posting it.
In addition to the above, if Post Data contains the intellectual property of any third parties other than the Contributor, please obtain permission of the rights holder before posting it.

By posting, the Contributor warrants and guarantees to the Association that Contributor has the legal right to post the Contributor's Post Data, and that the Post Data does not infringe whatsoever on the rights of any third parties.
The Association assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble arising from a violation of this requirement.

Please note that the Association may use Post Data on the official SNS account. In that case, the Association will quote Post Data on Instagram and/or Twitter and provide foreign language translations of some content.
In addition, magazine advertisements may use contribution data for Other WEB medium.

Children under 15 must obtain permission from their parent or guardian before posting.

If the Association determines that a Contributor has committed any of the following, their Post Data may be archived in this site or deleted.

  • ・An act that violates the posting terms
  • ・An act that hinders the operation of this site
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  • ・An act that slanders another or otherwise discredits or damages the honor of another
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The Association assumes no responsibility for any trouble or damages cased to Contributors by posting to this site.
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